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Journal of Islamic Tourism (JIT)

The Journal of Islamic Tourism (JIT) is a peer-reviewed journal focusing on publishing most current and influential scholarship on travel and tourism within an Islamic context focusing on tourism development, destination management, travel motivations and behaviour. JIT invites manuscripts focusing on wide ranging issues such as theoretical conceptualizations, empirical research, managerial and policy development issues from different disciplines to expand frontiers of knowledge in and contribute to the literature on Islamic tourism. The journal is open to different methodological debates and perspectives including qualitative and quantitative research.

The Journal of Islamic Tourism (JIT) aims to provide students, managers, scholars and others who are interested in latest trends in religious tourism and pilgrimage a collection of contemporary perspectives on the Islamic Tourism: Management of Travel Destinations both from conceptual and empirical perspectives which can benefit policy and strategy development, managerial practice adding value to education and training programs.

A key feature of JIT is that it seeks conceptual, theoretical and/or empirical submissions from multidisciplinary perspectives which will provide the potential to advance knowledge on Islam and tourism destinations for Muslim visitors. Another feature of this new journal is the publication of special issues.

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